An exceptional example of what a Deutch-Drahthaar should be. Celyn is physically a very striking dog that has the ability to turn heads the minute she comes out of the truck and put plenty of game in your bag. She is a larger female, measuring 63cm at the shoulder with a solid brown coat (white patch on chest) and very dark pigmentation. Her temperament is second to none with great drive and enthusiasm to work but also a “kill-switch” in the house when the day is done. She’s a very social dog– easily making friends in the duck blind and around the campfire after the hunt.

Celyn has developed into an exceptional hunting parter over her first few hunting seasons. As serious grouse hunters it became clear quite early that Celyn had the makings to do very well with the flighty birds. Her use of nose, tracking ability and level of pointing instinct have made her a very successful in the grouse and woodcock arena of Maine. In the water, Celyn uses her size and strength to her advantage while tracking down and retrieving ducks– mostly in the tidal waters of New England.

Outside of hunting season, Celyn had a very successful run through the JGHV testing system (full details below) including a 2nd place finish at the 2021 International Armbruster in Ft. Morgan, Colorado. Celyn was the highest scoring female at the test with 193 performance points and 11/11 breed show for an overall score of 204 Armbruster points. Celyn and I went on to complete a successful Preis I VGP in 2022. During this test she was awarded 4h awards for both her Search Behind the Duck and Use of Nose.


DOB: 21.04.2020
Color: Braun mit Abz.
ZB: 243620
ZR: 336/20
DGStB: 76608
Height/Length: 63/63
Form/Hair: 11/11

Performance Testing

VJP – 74
HZP – 180o.Sp + 193o.Sp
VGP – I./301 TF
2nd Place Overall at the 2021 Armbruster
4h Search Behind the Duck
4h Use of Nose

Health Testing

HD – B
OCD frei
ED frei
vWD Frei – DNA
F/f Furnishings


VJP Scoresheet

HZP Scoresheet

Armbruster Scoresheet

VGP Scoresheet

Orthopedic Evaluations

Genetic Testing Results