About Waldgeist Drahthaars

Waldgeist Deutsch Drahthaars was established in 2022 as a natural progression of my long standing interests in hunting a wide variety of game, the versatile Deutch-Drahthaar, and fellowship with like-minded hunters.

Based in Massachusetts, my fiance Jenna and I work together to raise, train, test and of course hunt a well-rounded string of very versatile dogs. We currently have 4 Deutsch-Drahthhars and one German Wirehaired Pointer who are not only great hunting dogs but most importantly great family companions within our home.

Over the course of hunting season you can find us hunting ducks, grouse, woodcock, small game, and even blood tracking with our dogs across New England. Nothing builds a truly great versatile dog like wild game and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have so many opportunities in our region.

During the off-season, we enjoy spending our time as active members of the Atlantic Chapter within Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar Group North America. Whether we’re helping/judging at a test, volunteering time at a summer training day, or socializing a little too much at an annual meeting we tend to stay on the move and greatly enjoy time with our VDD family.

By venturing into breeding we hope to continue to promote what we love about the Deutch-Drahthaar as well as the organization that has worked so hard to develop and protect the breed over the years. We are also true believers in the JGHV testing system and the impact that it can have on each and every dog. We highly encourage you to learn more about these organizations and become involved. You will only reap the benefits if you have the time.

Please reach out if I can answer any questions or you’d just like to talk about the dogs that we love.

Ian Lambe
Waldgeist Deutch-Drahthaars